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Subject: WAFC Forest Focus - February 23, 1998

FOREST FOCUS, the bulletin of the Western Ancient Forest
Campaign, February 23, 1998  To reach us call (202)879-3188, fax
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ESA DAY:  To help make sure that Fat Tuesday, February 24, is not the last
day of fun for endangered species, conservationists nationwide are calling
on Congress to vote no on S. 1180, Sen. Dirk Kempthorne's ESA bill.  

SMITH BILL UP:  A mark-up on the Smith "forest health" bill has been
scheduled by the full House Agriculture Committee for a week from Wednesday,
March 4th.  The measure would roll back protections for citizens input into
National Forest decisions, and create a new "forest restoration" fund that
would be another incentive for more logging.      

CHANGE PRIORITIES:  Forest activists plan to release the Forest
Appropriations Initiative by the first of next week, outlining how cutting
logging and roadbuilding subsidies, and reordering spending priorities for
the Forest Service could address legitimate "forest health" problems without
new legislation.  "The Forest Service is spending plenty of money right now,
they're just not spending it wisely," says Randi Spivak, WAFC President.
"Road removal, prescribed fire, invasive species and other legitimate
problems should be addressed through the agency's budget, not through
creating new funds and doing more logging."

HEARINGS:  The Congress returns from its week-long Presidents Day Recess
today, with several hearings on the docket this week.  The Senate Energy and
Natural Resources Committee will discuss specialty forest products from
national forests on Wednesday; the Forests Subcommittee of House Resources
will hold a hearing on the roadless area moratorium Wednesday as well.  The
deadline for submitting comments on the roadless policy is this Friday,
February 27.  We are hearing rumors of an extension of the comment deadline
to March 30 but this has not yet been confirmed.  On Thursday, the House
Resources Parks Subcommittee will hold a hearing to consider permanent user
fees for recreational use of public lands.  The Sierra Club has issued an
action alert urging activists to submit testimony to the Committee by March
12.  Please contact Scott Silver, at 541/385-5261 or
ssilver at wildwilderness.org for more information.

NO TO MAI:  The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has voted to "oppose as
written" the proposed Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) that is
being negotiated in Paris, Congress Daily reports.  "Human rights,
environmental and labor issues are not the goals of this agreement, and I
think we need to learn more before it passes," Supervisor Tom Ammiano told
the San Francisco Chronicle.  A release from Charles Arden-Clarke of the
World Wildlife Fund says that group believes the MAI would erode the
capacity of nations "to protect local ecosystems, wildlife and human health
by restricting their ability to regulate foreign investors adherence to
environment and development standards."  Arden-Clarke says that MAI
negotiators "have finally accepted how damaging it will be to the

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