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Subject: Roads Comment Deadline Extended to March 30

FOREST FOCUS, the bulletin of the Western Ancient Forest
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EXTENSION:  The Forest Service announced today that the comment
period for the proposed roadbuilding moratorium has been extended
until March 30.  The agency also announced the location of 25 public
open houses scheduled nationwide to inform the public about the
proposal.  The agency is also accepting comments until March 30 on
the overall road system and a long-term transportation policy.  "The
Forest Service transportation system is a long-term, high-level financial
commitment and we simply cannot afford to maintain all the roads we
have," said Deputy Chief Bob Joslin.  The Forest Service says that
only 40% of the roads are maintained to standard and cites over 40,000
miles of unneeded or environmentally harmful roads that should be

SOUTHERN LESSONS:  A new report "Southern Lessons: Saving
Species Through the National Forest Management Act" (NFMA)
explains how NFMA is working to conserve species from declining to
the point of needing to be listed under the Endangered Species Act. 
NFMA's population viability provision provides an effective foundation
for proactive species conservation by the Forest Service, Defenders
says.  Under this provision, the Forest Service is required to maintain
viable populations of native and desired non-native vertebrate species
on each National Forest.  The report concluded that this provision has
yielded particular benefits to bird watchers, hunters and angles because
of agency efforts to maintain neotropical migrant song birds, black
bears and brook trout.  Please contact Mary Munson, Defenders of
Wildlife, 202/682-9400 for more information.

SKI AREA NIXED:  Shasta-Trinity National Forest (CA) has
announced it will recommend to the Regional Forester that he terminate
the controversial Mt. Shasta Ski Area.  The ski area would be built
adjacent to the most popular trailhead on the mountain and would
require clearcutting of pristine Ancient Forests.  The project was first
proposed in 1984 but was successfully appealed by the California
Wilderness Coalition (CWC) and other activists based on the inadequate
environmental analysis of the project.  A revised analysis was again
ruled inadequate.  "There are simply too many negative and
irreversable environmental and social impacts to allow this development
to proceed," said Paul Spitler, Executive Director of CWC.

BIG TREES FOR STUMPS:  Associated Press reports that the Forest
Service is near completion of the largest land swap in its history.  The
agency is proposing to trade 33,000 acres of federal land in Oregon for
39,000 acres from Crown Pacific.  "The public's getting ripped off on
this deal," said Roy Keene, a Eugene forestry consultant.  "They're
undervaluing the public land and overvaluing the cut-over private land." 
Crown Pacific receives almost 3,500 acres of old growth pine forests
while giving up some land that has been heavily logged.  The Forest
Service has refused to make the appraisal public, citing a federal law
prohibiting disclosure. "That makes it almost impossible for the public
to know in advance whether the swap is fair," Keene said. 

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