What are the faster growing soft woods tree ?

Anna Vidito vidito at ivnet.com
Wed Feb 25 17:29:30 EST 1998

Bob Hale wrote in message <34F48AC3.5285 at macnstuff.com>...
>Gaetan Mailloux wrote:
>> Hi
>> What are the faster growing soft and medium woods leafy tree ?
>> Thank
>> Bye
>> Gaetan
>Elm trees, and shamel ash come to mind here in southern California, but
>remember that fast growing usually means aggressive root systems that
>are also fast growing and often clog sewage lines and lift driveways or
>crack foundations.
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In the midwest, personally I think of soft or sugar maples (Acer
saccharinum)as nice looking fairly fast growing trees (without
super-intrusive roots).  Some books say this species has problems with
brittle branches breaking off in high winds, but it is very wind where I
live and I have very good luck with these trees.

Anna Vidito, Master Gardener

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