What are the faster growing soft woods tree ?

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Thu Feb 26 14:41:39 EST 1998

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>Please check with your local extension service or a quality garden center.
>Many non-native fast growing trees tend to be invasive and cause problems
>for local fauna.  In Fla. there are several trees that the state's extension
>service is trying to get people to not plant such as Golden Rain Tree.  It
>sounds like the ailanthus mentioned in this thread is like that.

Funny you should say that!!! I had my tiny garden professionally landscaped
when we built the house and the landscaper (you should excuse the
expression) planted a Golden Rain tree. It's *much, much, much* prettier
than an ailanthus -- but just as invasive. Produces tons of seedpods,
each containing a bunch of seeds, and the seeds seem to have 100% 
germination rate. I easily pull 20-30 seedlings A DAY in the summer and
fall! Every time I've asked anyone about this and whether it shouldn't
count as a 'weed tree', they look at me like I'm crazy and tell me what
a lovely tree it is. (It IS lovely -- but I don't want a forest of them.)
Next year I'm going to have a tree maven come and prune it when it's in
flower, to prevent the dreaded seedpods. Unless someone can recommend
birth-control pills or some other method...

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