Timber Crop Insurance (NOT an endorsement)

Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Thu Feb 26 15:20:46 EST 1998

KMorrisD wrote:
> Don,
> I wonder if the Western Fuels Association would be interested in insuring
> timber losses above historical mortality rates.  From their website, it seems
> they are quite confident that increased CO2 (and pollution) will have
> beneficial effects on crops.  I would assume that this includes timber.  Maybe
> we should challenge them to put their money where their mouths are.
> Karl Davies

Not familiar with WFA, but go for it!  I sort of think the insurance
group I guoted is letting the 10% deductable account for some of the
natural mortality rate.  I don't like insurance, nor the companies, but
got to have it, sort of like a high colonic, when needed you need all
you can get.  

As far as historic mortality rate, I would imagin that if you were to
read the policy reeeaaaaal close, you would find some exclusionary
clauses.  Possibly in the definition of "catastrophic loss".  LLoyds of
London will insure anything, if the policy is written to their
specifications, and the premium is high enough.

For a better idea of crop insurance, ask a farmer, particularly southern
farmers in the hurricain belt. 
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