What are the faster growing soft woods tree ?

Garry W gnews6 at ithaca.com
Fri Feb 27 00:35:13 EST 1998

ellen at spam.free.at.last wrote:
>In article <34F5E750.C0E at erols.com>, Todd M. Bolton <tmbolton at erols.com> wrote:
>>There is a spray, I beleive it is called Florel, that prevents many
>>species of trees from producing fruit.  A birth control spray.
>Be still my heart!!!!! Not only would I like to do some serious 'spaying'
>of my Goldenrain tree -- but also of the huge fecund female stinky gingko 
>in front of my house ...

Well, I was about to write and say "don't expect it to work, ginkgoes aren't
even angiosperms!" but I thought I'd check and - lo and behold - the very
point has been addressed:

>Subject:      Re: Stop Ginkgo tree from fruitinb?
>From:         lradford at teleport.com
>Date:         1996/02/23
>Newsgroups:   rec.gardens
>... There is also a commercial NAA product called Florel 
>which I think is registered for gingkos...

O the wonders of the Internet (and Dejanews), the knowledge of all mankind
will soon be here... sort of...


PS - Your ginkgo tree has its own phylum. Treat it with respect. Not very
many trees have a free-swimming stage included in their life cycles.

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