What are the faster growing soft woods tree ?

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In article <34F5E750.C0E at erols.com>, Todd M. Bolton <tmbolton at erols.com> wrote:
>There is a spray, I beleive it is called Florel, that prevents many
>species of trees from producing fruit.  A birth control spray.

Be still my heart!!!!! Not only would I like to do some serious 'spaying'
of my Goldenrain tree -- but also of the huge fecund female stinky gingko 
in front of my house and of the disgusting big old ailanthus (ailanthi? 
there are several) in the parking lot two doors away that shed their seed
pods on my poor little garden!!!

But are you sure of the name? In my Geiger's catalog, it lists Florel
as follows:

'Florel is the liquid formulation of Ethepon, the new [1996] ethylene
producing chemical. It is labeled for bringing Bromeliads (pineapples
as well as ornamental forms such as Aechmea, Billbergia, Neorgelia,
and Friesia) into flower.' (page 14)

Uh oh... =:O

I'd really appreciate it if you could check on the name. Thanks a million!

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