Landowner assistance for habitat improvement announced

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Sat Feb 28 07:53:45 EST 1998


You are completely right about spreading the money around.  The several
$million Gore is talking about is only lip service (but politically astute). 
This is not enough money to do any state much good.  It might become a regional
start and probably should begin in the South <grin>

As for the benefit of cost-share...  the south's third and fourth forest have
had major boosts from programs like the old soil bank program, the forest
incentives program, and - to come - the conservation reserve program (no caps
on these programs until I get some benefit).  I don't know if it was worth the
taxpayers portion but it certainly has......UGh oops gasp sorry!  Walden Pond
Bear just ran by.....helped industry nursery sales and supplied the pulp and
paper industry.

Joe! You know Don loves, respects, and admires all forms of government.  And
you would agree that most government employees practice Thoreau's concept of
the work day...Just had to throw out a little bear food <VBG>

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