Plant leaves change pH?

Woo, Jong Ho woo00 at CHOLLIAN.NET
Fri Feb 27 20:50:07 EST 1998

Is it correct.
I studied on the buffering effects of tree leaves on acid rain.
When i dipping leaves of tree in the solution of various pH levels with
various treating period( 1min - 48hr) i found the pH change of various pH
solution. And go to species specific pH range with treating period.
I suggested that the extraction from leaves have high buffering capacity and
could change the treated pH. I think the extration come from leaf
stomata(when long time treated as 1 hr. - 48 hr.) or cations attached on
leaf surface(short time treated as 1 min - 30 min) but it is non-reasonable
that pH change as pH 2.0 -> pH 2.7, pH 3.0 -> pH 5.5, pH 4.0 -> pH 5.5, pH
5.0 -> pH 5.5, pH 6.0 -> pH 5.5... or pH 2.0 -> pH 2.5, pH 3.0 -> pH 5.8, pH
4.0 -> pH 5.8, pH 5.0 -> pH 5.8, pH 6.0 -> pH 5.8.
But i don't know that it is correct or incorrect and the mechanism.
I appreciate any kind of your advice on my hypothesis with reference(include
Dr. Woo, Jong Ho
woo00 at

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