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Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Sat Feb 28 18:22:26 EST 1998

MMEMU wrote:
> The Loblollys are planted 900 to the acre..  This  first year it seemed like
> they were lost in the surrounding weed growht, but winter has proven most of
> them survived.  I know pines need full sun but the weeds around here grow 12'
> tall.  These trees were planted without the benefit of a ground cover having
> been established. The area was mowed first and then planted. Each tree was
> mulched with shredded hard wood bark at planting.  The planting area  had been
> a weed patch so big that very few native woody shubs and trees were growing
> there either.  I mowed between the rows last year but don't want to do it again
> this year.  It requires doing over and over.  Is okay to mow and blow the
> clippings into the tree row to act as a mulch?Is it too late to establish  a
> cover crop between the rows.  Thanks so much.

yes, and no, respectively.  Control of the old vegetation should have
been done prior to the planting, now the mower is where its at, give it
5 or so years and the weeds will begin to get over storied to death.
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