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MMEMU wrote:
> I think I took out every  broadleaf weed it touched.  It's just that I had new
> weed growth (different weeds?) within a few weeks. I had to spray three or four
> times last year.  How big do loblollys  have to get before the ground litter
> from shed needles is thick enough to discourage weed growth under the tree?  I
> read in a nursery that loblloys respond well  to fertilizer. Is this true?
> When is the right time for the application? Thanks

Depends on how many to the acre, ground litter and shade then work on
the weeds.  If you tilled the soil in the area, or old field, old lawn,
etc, your going to have weeds for a while.  Plantations go to 8 -10
years before there is enough crown closure and litter to cut back the

Fertilizer helps the first few years, if it is in the ground, not on the
surface, surface fertilizer only feeds the grass and weeds.  Pine trees
are basically weeds, they will grow just about anywhere they can find
dirt, and only the most steril sand will hold them back.  If you think
you need fertilizer, get it into the soil.  If individual trees use the
old deep water wand with fertilizer.  A plantation?  You should have
dropped pelleted fertilizer when planted.
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