Landowner Assistance for Wildlife Habitat Improvement

Don Staples dstaples at
Sat Feb 28 18:18:28 EST 1998

ForestFair wrote:
> Gentlemen:
>   What a bunch of pessimistic old pharts you are!
>   Consultants have been moaning that landowners don't have the sense to hire
> them to manage their woods "properly" and here's a program that you could
> approach a landowner with, and you shoot it down.
>   If you want good forest management in a state like New York where the
> property tax per acre exceeds what you can make by managing solely for timber
> production, any incentive (which I view partly as societal payment for a
> benefit that society wants) or alternative income source is helpful.  We're not
> all wealthy timber barons, you know.
>   I will comment further in a few days when I'm over the flu, when I can handle
> my big guns better.  My temp is 102, and arguing with you guys might be fatal
> at this time.  <g>

Take a handfull of rock candy crystals and put in a pint bottle, fill
the bottle with rye whiskey (Rock and Rye, and old elixar) put your hat
on the bed post, start consuming the medicine, when you see two hats, go
to sleep and you'll wake up cured.  And in a much better mood for when
the games begin.  8>]

Actually, the old good programs were canned for some new feel good stuff
that is slowly being killed by restrictions in budget.  This amount of
money is going to be used by the big operations, and the little guy will
be cut out.  Been there done that.  Political incentive to the nth

And watch that "old" in old pharts,  we are mature.

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