Landowner Assistance for Wildlife Habitat Improvement

ForestFair forestfair at
Sat Feb 28 13:57:35 EST 1998


  What a bunch of pessimistic old pharts you are!  

  Consultants have been moaning that landowners don't have the sense to hire
them to manage their woods "properly" and here's a program that you could
approach a landowner with, and you shoot it down.

  If you want good forest management in a state like New York where the
property tax per acre exceeds what you can make by managing solely for timber
production, any incentive (which I view partly as societal payment for a
benefit that society wants) or alternative income source is helpful.  We're not
all wealthy timber barons, you know.

  I will comment further in a few days when I'm over the flu, when I can handle
my big guns better.  My temp is 102, and arguing with you guys might be fatal
at this time.  <g>

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