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Redwood Management Pact Reached:  Houston Chronicle, Feb. 28,1998

"The long battle over Houston-based Maxxam's ancient California redwoods
took a
major step toward resolution Friday with an agreement on how the company
will manage
its forest lands."

"The deal with  federal and state officials, worked out in lengthy
negotiation sessions
over recent weeks, calls for Maxxam's Pacific Lumber subsidiary to
refrain from logging
on 7,765 of its roughly 200,000 acres.'

"Officials said the are being set aside for at least 50 years would
include all but one of the
old-growth redwood groves remaining in the company's hands after it
sells the most
significant grove of centuries old redwoods, the Headwaters."

"Maxxam agreed in 1996 to sell the Headwaters grove for $380 million -
$250 million
from the Federal government and $130 million from California.  The
still-pending sale is
contingent, however, on completion of a management plan for the
company's remaining

"Carl Pope, national executive director of the San Francisco-based
Sierra Club, said the
accord contains "some good actions for the Headwaters and for trees and
for the marbled
murelet," but does not go far enough to protect coho salmon in its last
remaining habitat
in California."

"While officials are requiring 300 foot buffer zones along salmon
streams on government
lands in the Pacific Northwest, the zones would be only 10 to 30 feet
wide on Maxxam's
lands, Pope said in an interview."

"Statistics released by the California Resources Agency indicate Pacific
Lumber still will
be permitted to log on slightly more than 10,000 acres of most scattered
redwoods and on 8,700 acres of old-growth fir under the agreement."

"About 3,700 acres of old-growth redwoods would be protected in the
preserve and another 4,100 acres of these centuries-old trees would be
protected in lands
staying under company ownership, the agency said."

The above is an abridge version of the article in todays paper.  It
emphasizes the inroads
that the state and federal government have made into the control of
Non-federal Private
Forest Lands.  I predict that the environmentalists will not set still
with a "partial victory",
but will push on for increased control of this private tract.
Don Staples

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