Hurwitz, Pacific Lumber is cutting Headwaters

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Sat Feb 28 19:14:23 EST 1998

Joseph Zorzin <redoak at> writes:

>It's the new breed of international capitalism - now that our federal
>government and technology has made it easier than ever to move money
>around the world looking for that extra hundreth of a percent of profit.
>Easier money to be made just disinvesting entire industries and putting
>the cash in the stock market.
>International stateless capitalism now rules the world; the politicians
>are now bought and owned by them. It's an illusion that nations even
>exist. With free trade and the massive accumulation of wealth now that
>taxes have been lowered so much, political power is now in the hands of
>these plutocrats. What's happening in the forest industry is happening
>in all industries.

I'm sure you are correct, and that new alternative investment possibilities
are, and I suppose should be, considerations for business managers including
those whose investments include timberlands.  

But I am still puzzled by the shift in factors that have timberland management
coming out as a negative at a time when environmental pressures have strangled
annual National Forest timber production by 8 billion board feet, creating a
tremendous log shortage in this country, and kicking log prices up to more than
double - at least in areas where mills were semi-dependent upon NF timber.  

I read in the news now though that European lumber mills are "dumping" lumber
on U.S. east coast and have knocked  lumber prices way down, so I guess GATT is
doing it's thing!  Maybe big private timberland people were able to foresee
Seumas Mac Phadruig
Industrial Forest Opns. Mgr. (Ret.)
Inland Northwest, USA

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