Suppinlick suppinlick at aol.com
Thu Jan 1 13:59:05 EST 1998

I finally got around to catching up on all the messages posted to this group.  

Joseph wrote:
 What's the first thing I have to do?
Fill out an application, if you need one, I will be more than happy to send one
to you.

Like I said, I'm impressed with the journal. I've gotten issues before
and always liked it. It has about the clearest thinking of any forestry
literature in my very humble opinion. Although, Loren, I noticed in one
article your refering to Earth First! as a eccoterrorist group which I'd
dissagree with since in addition to being a forester I'm also a card
carrying environmentalist- an out of the closet watermelon. Are admitted
watermelons allowed to join the ACF? <G>

All I can say to you and all other watermelons is that every forester is an
enviromentalist.  Yet they tend to draw the line at burning down Forest Service
Ranger Stations, spiking trees, monkey-wrenching in general and so on.

Being an environmentalists means you care about what happens to the woods and
other wildplaces.

I think if all the forestry consultants in the U.S.A. joined the ACF,
forestry would be a much better profession.

I'll support that.


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