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Thu Jan 1 12:24:48 EST 1998

Ron Wenrich wrote:  

>The State is in the  business for landowner assistance, not forester marketing.<

Agreed, but it is also in business for forestry marketing, a hugh
difference in intent and goal orientation.  The truest land owner
assistance is long term management, not a managment plan and be gone. 
Here in Texas, in some counties, a land owner can wait a year for a
"state plan", if I as a consultant waited a year to complete a plan, I
would have no clients.  I serve the land owner every day, if necessary,
when the state is limited to time and cost per land owner.  

To that extent, I agree with Zorzin, the true state goal is to educate,
missionary work as Joe says.  The public doesn't listen to a public
statement by a consultant, we are "commercial", yet the state is notably
absent in the media.  Smokey the Bear can only cover so much ground
before it is a cartoon aimed at kids.  In the recent past Smokey was so
effective at educating the public about wild fire that stands now are
explosive with the fuel build up after decades of non-burning.  Can you
imagine what would happen if the states and feds put as much money and
effort into "Smokey the Forester" and convinced land owners that
management was better than fire control?

Forestry school heresy, actually sell managment? Damn, what a concept!

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