What % properly planted seedlings is acceptable?

nclorax ncloraxnospam at infoave.net
Thu Jan 1 18:59:06 EST 1998

What % properly planted seedlings is acceptable?  In NC the
State DFR has chosen 85%.  This does not mean if the site is
extremely rocky or has other conditions that justify a lower
% that the planting is considered unacceptable. What are the
guidelines in your state?  What do personally believe?  I
have heard but do not know if it is true that the
Weyerhaeuser Corp. pays tree planters, planting their
property, based on the % planted properly.  For example if
tree planter charges $50/acre and plants 75% properly, then
they get paid $37.50/acre.  Does anyone know if this is true
or if this is done else where in the US.

NC Lorax
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