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Joseph Zorzin <redoak at forestmeister.com> wrote in article
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: Susan112 wrote:
: > (...I feel remarkably like a bass fixing to bite down on
a not-so-juicy rubber
: > worm, but here goes...)
: You're hooked now!
: > 
: > Hi!  I'm Susan.  I'm a forester.  I work for a state
agency, the Missouri
: > Department of Conservation.  To my knowledge, I am not
restricted from
: > expressing myself about forestry via my personal
internet account.  I've been
: > halfway lurking in this group for a month or two when I
have the time and
: > inclination. 
: Welcome to the group! Tell us something about your work
and forestry in
: Missouri.
: I had a feeling that I could hook at least one government
: There must be more out there lurking in the shadows. Come
forth and
: present thyself! The world is watching. If you like
meetings, this is
: the ultimate meeting- for the elite of the elite of
forestry. <G>
: Der Forestmeister

You haven't hooked just one.  My name is Craig but I use my
Internet name most of the time and that is NC Lorax.  I am a
forester with the NC Division of Forest Resources.  I to
have been lurking in the background, learning from the rest
of you. I've posted a few responses, when I felt I actually
new what I was talking about and have posted a few
questions.  Some may remember my post on State Forest
Service Web pages.   Thanks to all that responded. The
information will be used to help improve the page my
Division has. That address is 
http://www.ehnr.state.nc.us/EHNR/DFR/  if you want to check
it out.

Like Susan I am not restricted in anyway in expressing my
personal beliefs over my personal  Internet account.  So I
guess I'll jump in with both feet when and where I can.  

NC Lorax

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