What % properly planted seedlings is acceptable?

Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Thu Jan 1 19:34:43 EST 1998

nclorax wrote:
> What % properly planted seedlings is acceptable?  In NC the
> State DFR has chosen 85%.  This does not mean if the site is
> extremely rocky or has other conditions that justify a lower
> % that the planting is considered unacceptable. What are the
> guidelines in your state?  What do personally believe?  I
> have heard but do not know if it is true that the
> Weyerhaeuser Corp. pays tree planters, planting their
> property, based on the % planted properly.  For example if
> tree planter charges $50/acre and plants 75% properly, then
> they get paid $37.50/acre.  Does anyone know if this is true
> or if this is done else where in the US.

Well, here in Texas it is more like 90%, and the procedure is if you
fall below that your required to plant an additonal number to meet the
requirement.  Not a smooth move, in my opinion, it clumps up planting,
and usually does not bring the sampling in line, you end up have the
state boys sitting there watching you plant another row or two to meet
the minimum.  

Interesting side story, years ago the state produced seedlings came with
an L-root built in, and no seedling planted could be accepted, because
of the product from the state.  That ended my purchase of state

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