Timber sales

Timothy Hunley HUN60 at webtv.net
Fri Jan 2 06:16:31 EST 1998

No rule-of-thumb to answer your question .  Depends on too many factors
such as size, amount, grade, accessability, local markets, on and on and

Seek the advice of a forester before selling any timber.  I can't
emphasize this too much.  State service foresters are free and do a good
job in this area.  Should you have high quality timber, consultant
foresters can be employed at a price, but well worth it.

The real best price can only be determined thru competitive bidding.
This can be sometimes ten times the price the original offerer offers.

Just got done doing a penalty scale for a landowner I have worked for
before and should have known better.  No bid--no contract--no job
supervision=money for litigation, not your bank account.

This is an opinion from a landowner with some formal forestry education.
We have some very good consultants on this group that may help you
further.  I would do you an injustis to suggest any price.

My 1 & 1/2 cents worth

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