What % properly planted seedlings is acceptable?

J. Fiske jfiske at lightlink.com
Fri Jan 2 07:05:57 EST 1998

Well now ... I'm sort of stiff necked about this. My personal standard is
that they ALL ought to be planted correctly. And yes, I am willing to stand
out in the driving rain to show a contractor what "correct" means to me.
Much of the planting done hereabouts is machine planting; once the machine
is set up, planting is almost automatic <VBG> (not really, but the problems
are somewhat different than hand planting).

The bigger question is what tree % (survival at 5 years down the road) are
you willing to accept? A bigger number is definately better ... but back to
your question:

Back in the dark ages, when I worked for Uncle Sam, we required 90% planted
correctly for full payment. The situation you are describing with
Weyerhauser was from back in the Hoedad days (late 60's, early 70's) (The
Hoedads were a hippie collective which did a lot of tree planting /
reforestation work in the northwest. Good kids, and very hard workers ...
but sometimes not a lot of experience on the agriculture side.[No no, my
friend. The green side goes up ...] Once you taught them what to do, they
usually did very well). And yes, at that time most outfits did pay based on
per centage planted correctly (payment was often done by the tree, rather
than by the acre).

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