Timber sales

Susan112 susan112 at aol.com
Fri Jan 2 14:24:38 EST 1998

Don said:
>Susan, are you out there? Help these folks.

Markets are good right now.  How far SW of St. Louis?  Way in the Ozarks or is
it Riverborder timber? L*A*N:  Tell me the county at least and I'll get you a
phone number.

Timothy said:
>No rule-of-thumb to answer your question .  Depends on too >many factors such
as size, amount, grade, accessability, local >markets, on and on and on.

>Seek the advice of a forester before selling any timber.  I can't
>emphasize this too much.  State service foresters are free and do a >good job
in this area.  Should you have high quality timber, >consultant foresters can
be employed at a price, but well worth it.

>The real best price can only be determined thru competitive >bidding. This can
be sometimes ten times the price the original >offerer offers.



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