Susan112 susan112 at aol.com
Fri Jan 2 14:14:54 EST 1998

>jostnix at aol.com (Jostnix) writes:

>Alabama is a little different in that a forester runs a county with all >the
above responsibility plus fire protection.  He or she gets many >times the
clients a consultant gets and struggles with how to best >serve each one; to
include referral to the best consultant (not >necessarily ACF).

Many service foresters here do fire protection too, I'm lucky to be in an area
where the RFDs handle wildfires really well (if differently than we would).  We
do plenty of Rx fire tho, so we're still hopping in the spring.

We'll hand out a list for consultant referrals usually or a list with a call
back sheet copied to the closest consultant to them.  I wish consulting
forestry were more established in the state, we need more consultants....but
then I'm on the urban fringe where people are more willing to pay for those

>Please stick this group out.  You can have much input and will add >a public
sector side that is needed...and you are FIELD which is >usually lost in the
equation; FIELD is where the most work and >real need is. 

I'll give it a whirl :)


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