Coastal Forestry Issues

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Fri Jan 2 20:11:28 EST 1998

Good afternoon.

I'm a professional forester working up here in the coastal region of
north-west British Columbia and have been trying to locate a forestry
discussion group or page on the net with a relevant coastal bent but have
yet to have any success.  I'd like to think I'm in touch with forestry
issues and developments here at home in BC however I rarely get the
chance to meet with my peers in Alaska or south in Washington/Oregon on
cross-border issues such as biodiversity, land use pressures/solutions or
log/chip markets (we just had a recent barge load of cedar pulp chips
towed through the harbour on Christmas day destined for our local pulp
mill - imported from Alaska much to the ire of our local loggers who have
been flat on their backs for several years running due to poor market
conditions). If there are any of you out there I'd be happy to hear from


Shawn Hedges, RPF

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