Capra ibex ibex L.

Stefan Feeser feeser at
Sat Jan 3 09:09:42 EST 1998

Dear Sirs and Madams,

I am a forest engeneer from Germany, who is searching for some
informations about the hole alpine population of Capra ibex ibex L.
(in genman 'Steinwild'). Because the last books and other infos
are very old I would like write a book about the latest state of
the hole population and the state of knowledge of these animals.

Arround tha I am searching for some infos and adresses. Please
answer me if you have such informations.

During the next weeks I will make a letter with some questions
for my data registration.

Your Informations you can send to

Stefan Feeser
Luitpoldstraße 31

D-63791 Karlstein

or via EMail to

feeser at

Thank you

Stefan Feeser

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