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I'm a timber buyer.  These guys are right....get a good consultant.
speaking, you will make 20-25% more on your timber sale.  More than
>pays for
their commission.  If you are really clueless as to the value of
>your timber,
all the more reason to get a professional.  Some of my more
>unscrupulous, slick
talking competitors just love to meet folks like you.
>I'm sure Missouri has
some of the same.

Bob Miller
Alabama Registered

Bob! Are you insane?  This quote will be seen by millions around the world and
may be used by hundreds of consultants - several in Alabama.  

I can see it now...all the "easy" wood drying up.  No more negotiated wood to
help through the year. Profits are down by 10%.  <<ggrriinn>

JUST KIDDING.  In my book your stock just rose by 30%.  That still won't even
by you a cup of coffee, however.  And I do owe you a cup.

Steve Nix, Alabama Registered Forester #745

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