What % properly planted seedlings is acceptable?

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> For example if
>tree planter charges $50/acre and plants 75% properly, then
>they get paid $37.50/acre.  Does anyone know if this is true
>or if this is done else where in the US.
>NC Lorax
Hi, that's interesting.  Over here they think 35% is thicket!
Seriously, the local new forest aimed for 23% or some such cos we have
open forest with water features, farms, even whole towns.  e.g. The New
Forest near Southampton where William Rufus got shot.  Currently we are
aiming to convince folk not of a % of trees but a % cover.  We reckon
80% in areas that allow for it (not towns, etc.) which would equate to
85% of trees.  The reason for this is the need for public access, car
parks and most especially paths and borders lined with smaller trees and
bushes to foil winds.  Logging here has been making a clearing but now
the pressure is toward underplanting a part cleared area to create a
secondary canopy for when you fell the top canopy.  This prevents gales
getting in, creating whirlwinds and laying whole stands of timber down
like corn circles.  You need at least 5% and maybe 10% for all the non
forest trees.  The good news is they can all be cropped so you plant
fruit, nuts, berries, etc.  You could even lift whole plants for urban
resale, e.g. in NC you could grow tree ferns for fancy offices.  The
currants, berries, almonds, etc. you don't expect a maximum crop from as
you do not have optimum planting.  Hazel nuts are likely to go in animal
feed for example rather than as cobnuts.  However, it will more than pay
for itself.  Another guy on here is a truffle nut and would want to
collect those and other fungi throughout your planting (space needed for
light entry like 1st growth forest).  The actual tree crop ends up as a
bonus the crops of other things entirely outstripping the return from
trees.  Regards
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