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Fri Jan 2 14:48:04 EST 1998

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>   An outcome of the negotiation process was the recognition of active timber
> management using best management practices as a desirable use of watershed
> land.
>   I wouldn't go so far as to say the process was non-confrontational, but there
> wasn't any bloodshed that I'm aware of <g>.  I'm not convinced that it's
> possible to reach consensus on environmental  conflicts without confrontation.
> ForestFair at aol.com

The state of washington has fairly long experience in resolving
conflicting resource use.  I can ditto everthing ForestFair has said
regarding the difficulty in getting a consensus on these issues. In 1987
the "TIMBER/FISH/WILDLIFE AGREEMENT" or "TFW" was a shot at getting
opposing sides together. It was undertaken to forstall a fiasco for
state/private/tribal lands that would have been as bad as the Spotted
Owl's impact on federal lands. At present the TFW agreement is much
modified and evolved but still in effect. My browser won't include URLs
but check for the above keywords on a good search engine.
Mike H.

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