Timber sales

Larry Caldwell larryc at teleport.com
Sat Jan 3 02:53:35 EST 1998

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> what should I expect to receive for white and red oak timber,I have no
> clue as to what timber is worth, is there a rule of thumb figure per
> board ft? My land is mainly oak /hickory forest SW of St Louis.sorry for
> the way to general post but I am very curious,THX in advance!

Pay a forester for an appraisal.  They will cruise the timber, and estimate
a market price based on current conditions.  If you like the number and
want to sell, have the forester manage the sale for you.  If you don't
have someone who knows timber overseeing the sale for you, it's almost
guaranteed that you will get royally screwed.  

An rough appraisal is normally pretty cheap.  A forester can get a good 
ballpark by just selecting representative portions of the stand and 
extrapolating.  The more detail work the higher the price goes.  

A forester also knows how to lay out a sale.  If you lose control of that,
you may end up with something resembling the aftermath of WWIII.  A
properly managed harvest operation can leave you with an attractive and
productive forest.

-- Larry

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