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Sat Jan 3 00:02:57 EST 1998

>bobndwoods at said:

>Ok, Steve and Joe, knock this crap off will ya?  I have been from the private
>sector to the public sector and back to the private sector.  I have seen
>forestry people that were so narrow minded their hat leaked and others 
>just wanted to make a paycheck, not a difference.  I have also seen
>that didn't know their butt from a hole in the ground and just wanted to make
>buck, not a difference.  Land ethic and public service is an individual
>not dictated by the kind of job you have.  I know consultants and government
>foresters who really try to make a difference in their own sphere of

Bravo! and a big thank you to Bob.

There have been some really vast generalizations in this thread, not to mention
the finger pointing and self aggrandizing.... And so much whining I should have
brought the cheese and crackers!   

There's a lot of govt. politics and BS yes, there's a lot of pvt sector greed
which overcomes find it in any field... It's the human
nature thing.  But while we take the three steps forward and two back we are
still making progress.  I refuse to get on this big downer you guys are on
about the state of forestry in your particular states. 

I think that there has been a slow and steady progress due to forestry that has
been jump started by environmental movements...Joe, your right in that a
smarter Forest Service would have found a way to incorporate the
environmentalists instead of fighting them.   

As to your opinion of state forestry folks, well, I've got a tough skin so I
won't take it too personal, but lay off the all encompassing stereotypes
already!  Some of us out here are busting our humps doing the "missionary" work
you've so patronizingly prescribed for us.  But we do it on our own terms not
as a consulting forestry PR agency.

Humph...well, got that out.

:::she steps down from her soapbox::::


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