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>>L*A*N Farm wrote:
>> what should I expect to receive for white and red oak timber,I have no
>> clue as to what timber is worth, is there a rule of thumb figure per
>> board ft? My land is mainly oak /hickory forest SW of St Louis.sorry for
>> the way to general post but I am very curious,THX in advance!

>To start, contact your local office of the Missouri Conservation
>Commission and ask for a current copy of Timber Price Report. Then, if
>the volume (acreage) is big enough, immediately contact a consulting
>forester for his opinion/recomendations.  The consultant will charge
>you, but you will find the sale to be smother, and with a better income.

>Susan, are you out there? Help these folks.

I'm a timber buyer.  These guys are right....get a good consultant.  Generally
speaking, you will make 20-25% more on your timber sale.  More than pays for
their commission.  If you are really clueless as to the value of your timber,
all the more reason to get a professional.  Some of my more unscrupulous, slick
talking competitors just love to meet folks like you.  I'm sure Missouri has
some of the same.

Bob Miller
Alabama Registered Forester

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