Woodland Owner Corner

Timothy Hunley HUN60 at webtv.net
Sat Jan 3 11:30:24 EST 1998

I want to try out an idea on this discussion group.  

I am a woodland owner and tree farmer in Northeastern Ohio and would
like to see a "Woodland Owner Corner" or something similar set up on a
separate site.  This area would permit landowners to permanently post
detailed descriptions of their own lands and what forestry desires and
designs they have.  Landowners could then see others with similar
objectives and be encouraged to post also.  This, I think, can work well
for any area of the country or have even world-wide appeal.  People
usually grow trees within one or more areas of interest but lack support
to do a good job.

Each non-commercial, nonprofessional landowner has very specific desires
and problems he needs help with and all share similar concerns such as :
Land costs
environmental use pressures
estate planning
on and on.

Professional help and information is available to satisfy most technical
information needs and web sites such as http://forestry.miningco.com/
gather this information into one usable storehouse.

I've seen good independent ideas put into practice by private landowners
that have changed or set new procedures in forest management on a local
basis.  Private experimentation very often produces suprising results.
American forestry is, after all, a young field compared to centuries of
European professional forestry--they made major mistakes too.  Should
this idea catch on, regional splinter groups could be formed and feed
back to the master group.

I can see in the near future, the internet being used by a greater cross
section of our society 
and forestry promoters should be ready for this.

Participants can be as public or private as they wish and no pressure
should be levied to reveal any personal information or identities.
Hopefully most participants will make themselves available to others for
communicating ideas and common interests.

I am primarily interested in acquiring a response from private
landowners.  If you would benefit from such a site, please respond to
this.  A simple "yes, I am interested" will be greatly appreciated.
Feel free to respond in greater detail if you like.  Any opinions and
ideas are welcome.

Please respond to me directly if you do not want to post to the group.
HUN60 at webtv.net

My 1 & 1/2 cents worth

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