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: nclorax wrote:
: That address is
: > http://www.ehnr.state.nc.us/EHNR/DFR/  if you want to
: > it out.
:: > 
: OK, your first test.  I went to your state web page, and
to the section
: that listed district and Consulting contacts, and found no
: North Carolina has no consultants?
: Anyway, welcome aboard, Lorax, save that last tree.
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We have lots of consultants and unfortunately you found one
of the sections we are still working on.  The only District
that has consultants listed is our D1 District in the
mountains.  It has a list but it to is incomplete as it
refers to services provided but in codes but, doesn't list
what the codes mean. Something we need to work on. At
present we have hard copies to mail to anyone that request

Thanks for catching that and I'll pass it on to the

NC Lorax

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