Timber sales

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Sat Jan 3 14:46:11 EST 1998

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(Jostnix) writes:

>Bob! Are you insane?  This quote will be seen by millions around the world
>and may be used by hundreds of consultants - several in Alabama.  

>I can see it now...all the "easy" wood drying up.  No more negotiated wood to
>help through the year. Profits are down by 10%.  <<ggrriinn>

>JUST KIDDING.  In my book your stock just rose by 30%.  That still won't even
>by you a cup of coffee, however.  And I do owe you a cup.

Just don't tell my boss, will ya?  <g>

Bob Miller
Alabama Registered Forester

~~~> The forest may be quiet, but that doesn't mean all the snakes have left.

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