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Sat Jan 3 18:50:09 EST 1998


Very good points and I would suggest that the discussion start by using my BBS
as just such a forum.  I think a linking of foresters and NIPFers or NIPFers
(non-industrial private landowners) to other experienced NIPFers is a great
start.  Ya'll need to talk and I will provide the place and hopefully experts
(both professional and applied non-profs).

I hope you get some response on this.  Please contact Tim at HUN60 at webtv.net -
I'll supply the place and forum.  There can possibly be regional and local bbs
at some point.  But is there enough interest in a national discussion of
forestry issues for American landowners?  Tim and I need your feedback.....

Tim, please let this group know the feedback results.

Steve Nix, forestry guide
The Mining Company
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