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Andrew Heggie sylva at
Sat Jan 3 15:57:42 EST 1998

Ron Wenrich <woodtick at> wrote:

>Joseph Zorzin wrote:

>> Forestry on private land is also a failure in that the VAST majority of
>> private forest land is NOT managed.
Well the problem is the same on my side of the pond.

I have snipped the beginning of Ron's comments though they are
In real terms in UK timber prices have been in decline for a century,
the recent restocking has been very heavily subsidized to create a
strategic reserve which is now deemed unnecessary.

The decline is both from import and alternative material substitution.

>Landowners are really missing the boat as a market force.  They are too fragmented to make
>much difference in timber supply.  Landowners should unite and co-op for services.  The
>landowner only receives about 10% of the final market price for their resource.  No wonder
>they feel like they are getting ripped off!  In Sweden, the landowner association even owns
>their own sawmill.
Here again I was given to believe the UK was the worst in repect of
lowest standing prices and highest finished goods prices with lots of
Mr. Tenpercenters in between.


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