Who is Boris Zeide?

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Sat Jan 3 19:58:16 EST 1998

I am completely overwhelmed by an article in the latest Journal of Forestry. 
Boris Zeide wrote an essay on how Aldo Leopold is a "debutante", shifting,
emotional, biophilatic, charming but of no substance, a hunter, glorifier of
trophy hunting, intelligent tinkerer, poet, comfortable only with allusions,
allegories, and analogies.

I say baloney.  An thank goodness for the Journal of Forestry's  conter point
with Dr. J. Baird Callicott.  Dr. Callicott who, unfortunately, is not a
forester but a philosopher and theologian, butts heads and wins.

Have we sunk to this level of status quo?  Mr. Zeide, from the University of
Arkansas, are you a product of a past we should not try to retrieve?  What is
you industry connection and past work history?

Please read from the Journal of Forestry,  Zeide's "Another Look at Leopold's
Land Ethic" and Callicott's "a Critical Examination of 'Another Look at
Leopold's Land Ethic'".  Good Job SAF....

Ask the Society of American Foresters to provide copies of both articles.  It
is an eye opener........

Read an interview about Aldo Leopold at

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