Woodland Owner Corner

Timothy Hunley HUN60 at webtv.net
Sun Jan 4 03:25:53 EST 1998

I don.t want to short circuit this discussion at this point with too
detailed an explanation of my intensions with this topic but do want to
steer some thinking to the idea of a permanent posting of individual
land use .  This , I think , can be better posted for detailed reference
off the discussion group.

This will paint a picture--"worth a thousand words" and stimulate more
discussion of practical problems and needs which can be shared with this
forum.  If Bill X who is specializing in growing sassafrass finds Joe Y
who is also specializing in growing sassafrass, they can have a very
involved communication link-up on-line or off which would not be of
immediate benefit to this discussion group.--

Just one example

I think that a home for this "thing" would add more worthwhile traffic
to this discussion group.
I am in no way suggesting diluting this discussion group in any way.
This is an excellent group which should be encouraged and built upon.

I thank you for your response so far and intend to respond to each of
you a little later on.  Keep it coming--there is more wood to burn.

Still interested in landowner response--you will be welcome here.

Tim Hunley

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