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Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Sun Jan 4 03:10:45 EST 1998

ForestFair wrote:

>    I'm also a woodland owner, but I've gained a lot from discussion *in* this
> group with others who are are wearing other hats, like agency or consulting
> forester.   Unless the volume of posts in this newsgroup, increases
> significantly, I think there's room for our discussions here (right,
> "regulars?" <g>).  No one has made me feel unwelcome, and when we've asked
> basic questions, the pros and more-experienced landowners have  responded
> graciously.
I was not going to comment, but since ForestFair spoke so eloquently, I
will.  I am not an originator of this group, only been here a while
longer than most of you.  But I agree with FF, there is room here for
the owners, they are the ones we consultants are looking to, for, and
listening, too.  If you have pure forestry commentary, talk with us on
alt.forestry, I am not an originator there, either, but things are slow
at the spit and whittle bench right now.

>   I think some of the questions landowners have asked have stimulated further
> discussion among the foresters, too, and if we didn't contribute sometimes,
> there might be only 3 foresters and a truffleholic posting <g>.  And they might
> get tired talking to each other.

To say the least.  We mud types may not be the most outgoing and
eloquent (with the possible exception of Joe and Steve when they have
had their Prozac) but a fair question deserves and receives a fair
answer, and some one here should be able to help.
>   I also think we possess information and experience that can help those who
> are practicing foresters.  For example, many of the consultants have expressed
> frustration at the difficulty they have in reaching landowners.  I've been
> involved in a number of activities that have led to those connections.

Yes, how do you see us, as a profession, and how de we reach you, as

> > This area would permit landowners to permanently post
> >detailed descriptions of their own lands and what forestry desires and
> >designs they have
>   I think if I wanted to do this, I'd learn how to do a web page and use that
> medium.  The fact is that (at least in NYS), the typical non-industrial private
> landowner is middle-aged or older and if they have a computer, they usually are
> not online.  I've talked a few of them into e-mail (Juno free e-mail) and
> joining  an extension listserv, but at the last state board meeting of our
> state landowners' group, only a very few directors had ever seen our own
> organization's website!

Web site the answer.  With a link to mail response.
>    If you get a discussion going someplace else, I'd probably join you, but
> unless I'm told that my participation here is unwelcome, I'd just as soon stay
> here for now.   I have a tough hide when it comes to newsgroups, gained as a
> 2+-year rec.food.cooking newsgroup participant (now there's a group that makes
> a novice feel unwelcome!)

Me, too, I love to talk about my work, my clients, my opinions.  And
foresters generally have tough hides, as well.  All that exposure to
OFF, ticks, red bugs (if your from the south) bull nettles, and all the
other nasties that we love so much.

Don Staples

My Ego Stroke:  http://www.livingston.net/dstaples/

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