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Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Sun Jan 4 02:58:25 EST 1998

ForestFair wrote:

> Most likely there  will also be fewer trees cut,  leaving good trees to grow
> for future harvests, and less damage to the site.  But consultants here get
> 15%, and I think someone said that 10% is common in the south?

I think that perhaps it is time to post the "Anti-trust" statement. )G(,
but, here in Texas we are looking at $480 to $525 stumpage, $640 and up
on gate wood.  It would be nice to add a few percentage points to insure
the return (to me) but the rates in the south vary according to
location, product, greed, goals,,,,, did I mention greed?  I can work
for as little as 6% or as high as 20%, each job varies, but marking
costs are basically the same per acre, regardless of what we sell off of
the acre.  To put a flat statement of percentage hampers my ability to
work with the landowner on needs, some don't need as much, that don't
get charged as much.  I look at the land, talk with the land owner, WE
make a decision based on the land owner goals, and I establish rate.

surprising to me, almost every time, is that clear cutting, when done
correctly, is not the cheapest way for a landowner to go.  I try to sell
uneven aged management at every turn, some times successfully.

Don Staples

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