Timber sales

ForestFair forestfair at aol.com
Sat Jan 3 23:58:39 EST 1998

>bobndwoods at aol.com (BOBNDWOODS) wrote;

> These guys are right....get a good consultant.  Generally
speaking, you will make 20-25% more on your timber sale.  More than pays for
their commission. <


You're right about getting a good consultant, but the numbers are even more
favorable where I am (NYS).

Most people using a consultant will get *at least* twice as much as they will
from the logger knocking at the door or working down the road, and often
several times more.  Landowners here are not  usually approached directly by
industrial foresters or timber buyers.

Most likely there  will also be fewer trees cut,  leaving good trees to grow
for future harvests, and less damage to the site.  But consultants here get
15%, and I think someone said that 10% is common in the south? 


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