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>Most people using a consultant will get *at least* twice as much as they will
>from the logger knocking at the door or working down the road, and often
>several times more.  Landowners here are not  usually approached directly by
>industrial foresters or timber buyers.

>Most likely there  will also be fewer trees cut,  leaving good trees to grow
>for future harvests, and less damage to the site.  But consultants here get
>15%, and I think someone said that 10% is common in the south? 

You are absolutely right.  20% is a conservative estimate based on an average
of sales I have tracked over the years, including bid sales.  I have seen
people all but give their timber away on a smile and a handshake.  I am just
like anyone else, I don't want to pay more for something than I have to.  But,
I don't steal peoples property when they are ignorant.  If a landowner wants to
sell to me without a consultant, I'll pay a fair price.  Maybe not my best
price but a fair one and they get paid for ALL the wood.  I will also tell them
the silviculturally best thing to do, but then I cut what they say.  Sometimes
they listen.  Sometimes they don't.

10% is the standard on sales commissions for southern consultants.  5-15% is
the range.

Bob Miller
Alabama Registered Forester

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