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jimi jimi_hendrix at NOTanEMAILaddress.com
Mon Jan 5 12:29:18 EST 1998

L*A*N Farm wrote:
> what should I expect to receive for white and red oak timber,I have no
> clue as to what timber is worth, is there a rule of thumb figure per
> board ft? My land is mainly oak /hickory forest SW of St Louis.sorry for
> the way to general post but I am very curious,THX in advance!

Before you cut, are you interested in selling some of the acreage, lock,
stock and mineral rights?

You may be suprised on how much a real-estate agent will appraise your
land compared to the long term value of the timber.

The knock-on-door timber harvesters are a plenty in Michigan and in
general will rape you a good one!!!  Their presentation of "selective"
harvest really boils down to a high grade -- taking of the dominant
trees and leaving the "lesser" ones to grow into the void.  The problem
is that often times the "lesser" trees are of the same age group and
were just the ones that lost the battle for sunlight and water.  Most of
the time these other old trees do not react to the release and will not
significantly product timber at an acceptable rate compared to younger
trees that will respond to release.

If your forest was previously managed by mother nature (unmanaged) you
most likely have a species composition as described above.  I've had a
couple of successful 2-cut implementations for this situation.  Cut 1
harvests all of the "stunted" mature trees and SOME of the biguns.
Leaving many of biguns in place allows for "advance regeneration" of
the  true seedlings that will respond to release after the second cut
(and better revenue per tree) some years down the road.

Definitely get a consultant and implement a timber contract, spelling
out penalties for damage, etc.  The consultant can help you write the
contract (or modify a boiler plate version) to plan skid roads, etc.
such that you minimize damage to the environment (streams, wet areas,
etc.) and maximize your return (averaged over the next 10 years).  Also,
if you value other than timber such as wildlife, etc. he/she can
recommend otherwise inferior trees to leave and creation of edge.

GOOD LUCK -- You've already saved yourself a bunch a bucks by dropping
into this newsgroup.


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