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Missouri Conservation Commission gets .7% of the state budget,
$122,521,232.00 in 1996-97 fiscal year.  Of this the main source is
>Conservation Sales Tax that brought in 61.5%.

DON! You have got to be kidding me on this! The Missouri Conservation
Commission has a One Hundred and Twenty Three million dollar budget!  Let me do
some figurin'.

Missouri has 14 million acres of forest (USFS stat).  That equates to an annual
expenditure of approximately $8.79 per forested acre for forestry conservation.
Jeepers!  I guess they do have a great program if this is indeed a fact.

Alabama has some 22 million acres of forest with a 1996 annual Forestry
Commission budget of $22.1mm (AFC Annual Report).  That equates to about a
dollar spent per acre on forestry and fire protection....even if you add an
additional $65mm for the Department of Conservation (much of this paid for by
hunting licenses, oil and gas windfall, state parks) you would be spending only

When you put this on a percentage of the State General Fund ($885mm), which
does not include education, you have only .1% of that fund being spent by the
major state conservation organizations.  The Alabama Forestry Commission only
spends only .02% of that fund.

Obviously, I'm stunned...

Steve Nix, Alabama Registered Forester #745

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