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Tue Jan 6 10:27:25 EST 1998

Jostnix wrote:
> >
> The Vermont Land Trust along with the Vermont Nature Conservency
> >just
> purchased 26,000 acres of timberland in Vermont.  From what I gather
> >they
> will continue to harvest it doing their best to show how forestry
> >and
> recreation are both possible in a management plan.
> There is
> >informational meeting this evening which I plan to attend.  I will
> be
> >interested to see peoples reactions to such large ownership by
> organizations
> >such as The Vermont Land Trust and the Nature Conservency.
> Vermont ain't
> >always as liberal as people might think.
> The Nature Conservancy is right on line.  They are preserving the resource with
> just a little bit of forest management to benefit the whole.  I really like
> this group and they have a touch of ecosystem management blended with multiple
> use.
> They ain't just doing this in Vermont...They are doing this all over the US...a
> good organization... a lot of land given back to something other than timber
> production.

I agree, the Nature Conservancy has taken rational, reasonable steps to
preserve the integrity of some valuable natural sites. If the Vermont
Land Trust follows the same path, they will do well.

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