loblolly planting

J. Fiske jfiske at lightlink.com
Tue Jan 6 14:53:08 EST 1998

Perhaps you might like to consider planting a mixture, including a mast
producing species, like one of the oaks, rather than all one species?
Contact a professional forester in your area for a planting recommendation.

The hardwood mast producers are somewhat more difficult to establish, but
well worth the effort IMHO.

Good luck, and fortunate weather!

MMEMU <mmemu at aol.com> wrote in article
<19980105044501.XAA06120 at ladder02.news.aol.com>...
> Is the loblolly pine hardy as far north as Bowling Green Ky on an exposed
> planting site (windy hill top).  It can also get -20  for a day a two
> winter. The site has some top soil with rock and heavy clay subsoil.
Would the
> white pine or short leaf pine work better?  How about the virginia pine? 
> one grows fastest?  Are any of these trees capable of growing in a mixed
> planting of other pines.  My main objective is to establish wildlife
cover on
> 30 acreas of worn out farm land where I live. Any sugestions would be

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