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Steve Nix, in either a post here or by e-mail, commentted on limited
funding for state agecies.  So, as an example, I thought I would post
one state agencies budget and breakdown.  That is for Missouri, Texas
doesn't like to talk about theirs.

Missouri Conservation Commission gets .7% of the state budget, some
$122,521,232.00 in 1996-97 fiscal year.  Of this the main source is a
Conservation Sales Tax that brought in 61.5%.

Disbursements are:

	Land Aquisition: n 9.8% (interesting, a state buying land)
	Admin: 1.7%
	Admin Services: 17%
	Constrution/development:  8.7%
	Design and Development:  2.5%
	Wildlife:  14%
	Fisheries:  10.2
	Law Enforcement: 10.9%
	Natural History:  1.2%
	Outreach and Education: 9.5%

Susan, would you care to comment on effectiveness of programs? 
Missouri, to me, reflects some of the best use of tax dollars in a state
agency. Texas has no Natural History expenditure in any of its many
resource agencies.  And I would doubt if 1% went to Outreach and
Education in Texas.  The really interesting thing in Missouri is the
land purchase, a conservation agency actually preserving by buying,
outragious!  And forestry and wildlife getting 28% of the budget.  Well
done, Missouri, the Show Me State may show us some real use of tax
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