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> Missouri Conservation Commission gets .7% of the state budget,
> >some
> $122,521,232.00 in 1996-97 fiscal year.  Of this the main source is
> >a
> >Conservation Sales Tax that brought in 61.5%.
> DON! You have got to be kidding me on this! The Missouri Conservation
> Commission has a One Hundred and Twenty Three million dollar budget!  Let me do
> some figurin'.
> Missouri has 14 million acres of forest (USFS stat).  That equates to an annual
> expenditure of approximately $8.79 per forested acre for forestry conservation.
> Jeepers!  I guess they do have a great program if this is indeed a fact.
> Alabama has some 22 million acres of forest with a 1996 annual Forestry
> Commission budget of $22.1mm (AFC Annual Report).  That equates to about a
> dollar spent per acre on forestry and fire protection....even if you add an
> additional $65mm for the Department of Conservation (much of this paid for by
> hunting licenses, oil and gas windfall, state parks) you would be spending only
> When you put this on a percentage of the State General Fund ($885mm), which
> does not include education, you have only .1% of that fund being spent by the
> major state conservation organizations.  The Alabama Forestry Commission only
> spends only .02% of that fund.
> Obviously, I'm stunned...
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Just searched the home page of the Pennsylvania Dept of Conservation and Natural
Resources to see how we stack up to the other states.  PA has 17 million acres of
forest land.  The DCNR owns about 2.1 million acres and generates about $10 million
in timber annually.  There is 12.5 million acres of private woodland.  Of these,
725 forest stewardship plans have been written and total a mere 120,000 acres.  The
timber industry is a $5 billion industry and has 100,000 employes.  The State
forest lands have recently become certified and is the largest certified forest in
the world.

1998 budget is $172.5 million of which $71.6 million goes to parks, $33.4 million
goes to forestry, and $18.2 goes to operations (don't know about the other $50
million).  That puts us in the $2/acre category for the entire state.  We don't
have a lot of fire protection or planting expenses, and I don't know how much is
filtered down to the private landowners.

DCNR revenues are $81.9 million from the State, $18 million from the Feds, and
$72.6 million from "other revenues".


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