Timber sales

Larry Caldwell larryc at teleport.com
Tue Jan 6 17:47:44 EST 1998

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jimi <jimi_hendrix at NOTanEMAILaddress.com> wrote:

> Before you cut, are you interested in selling some of the acreage, lock,
> stock and mineral rights?
> You may be suprised on how much a real-estate agent will appraise your
> land compared to the long term value of the timber.

That's interesting.  Here in western Oregon, realtors think of timber as
a sort of huge arbor vitae in the back yard.  It's not uncommon to find
property selling for less than the value of the standing timber.

Before I trusted a real estate appraisal, I'd hire a forester for a
cruise and appraisal.

-- Larry

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